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Increasingly, organisations need business continuity plans in place to meet ‘best practice’ and to satisfy regulators, investors and insurers. Not to mention, ensuring you can continue to operate, should disaster strike.

Daisy’s business continuity (BC) services go beyond  that.  We underpin the requirement for an ‘always on infrastructure’, which is essential in the digital age. Daisy has evolved the traditional, reactive business continuity & IT disaster recovery services, re-inventing them to proactively address new risks and increased customer expectations arising from the digital economy.

With over 25 years of experience, Daisy is the UK’s market-leading provider, with award winning, all-encompassing solutions delivered from our nationwide network of specialist centres, supported by over 200 dedicated experts.

Talk to us about safe-guarding the future of your business. Our core service areas are based around:

Planning for the impact of disaster

Business Continuity Management (BCM) – incorporating BC planning and IT Service Continuity, with award-winning BC Software and industry-leading advice and support from accredited business continuity professionals.

Recover your infrastructure

Workplace Recovery – sometimes called Workarea Recovery or WAR, and physical IT & Data Continuity, sometimes called Disaster Recovery.

Protect and recover your data

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) incorporating cloud and virtual options for resilience, data backup and protection.

Manage your BC programme

Managed Business Continuity Management, or BCM as a Service, this is delivered by our business continuity professional services team, supported by our award-winning software.

Business Continuity Service Innovation

Our next generation of BC services are designed to support the nature of the always-on digital economy.
Whichever service you use, you will find compelling features that also help you to reap business as usual benefits from services that traditionally only started when your business stopped. For example, our inclusive dynamic customer readiness assessment portal, proactive monitoring and alerting of critical infrastructure, use of your contracted services to accommodate periods of growth and test and development. All with access to our BC expertise to help you manage the new digital risk profile.

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