Business Continuity

Essential resilience, peace of mind

When disaster strikes, be ready to recover IT and workplace operations

The biggest British business continuity provider there is; we have the heritage, infrastructure and experts to keep your business working – even in the worst of scenarios.

We are constantly innovating and shaping the entire business continuity piece, delivering the next generation of proactive services – protecting not just recovering.

When any incident threatens to disrupt you, we can replace your systems quickly, give you a new place to work, keep your data safe and always on, or parachute in new or additional computing power from the Cloud.

From fully-scalable management projects, to providing an industry-leading network of BC facilities, we are at the cutting edge of keeping GB Plc. up and running.

Why Daisy for Business Continuity

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  • The UK’s leading provider, with multiple industry awards for service and innovation
  • We respond to at least one incident every working day, protecting over 500,000 employees across 1,000 firms
  • Our 18 specialist centres across the UK, mean you’re never more than 1 hour from an alternative workplace
  • We have over 1,000 IT servers on permanent standby to replace your hardware should it fail
  • We perform over 5,000 data backups per night to ensure your critical data is protected and secure
  • We help you plan to recover and thrive in the face of disaster

Award-winning Business Continuity services

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