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Business VoIP

An easier and more cost effective way to manage your telephony

Reasons to choose a VoIP solution


Reduce the cost of line rental, call charges and maintenance, which are traditionally associated with legacy phone systems.


Manage changes in staff working requirements via our Web Portal giving you the power to re-route calls and manage hunt groups anytime, anywhere.


Is your business growing or moving offices? VoIP works on a per seat model, you can add or delete users as the need arises.

Easy Features

Unrivalled features and functionality. All the features of a traditional phone system and more.

What is VoIP?

“Voice Over Internet Protocol”, also known as “VoIP”, is an internet-based voice solution, full of features, delivered at a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone system.

With VoIP, your telephone connections are made over an internet connection, and not a telephone line. Daisy has developed CloudSelect Voice specifically with business in mind.

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If you haven’t had a review of your telephony in the last 18 months, its likely you won’t be taking advantage of the latest technologies and cost savings.
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Which VoIP solution is right for my business?

Daisy’s Fully Hosted Voice Solution

Ideal if your business has a dated telephony system or is looking for a brand new voice solution

Reduce the costs and complexities of deploying your telephony in-house.

Daisy SIP Trunking

Ideal if your business wants to enjoy the benefits of VoIP without retiring existing telephony equipment

Sip Trunks allow you to retain your existing telephone system whilst gaining the additional functionality of an IP solution.

*TLC Response Ltd is an entirely fictitious company created to demonstrate a typical customer challenge. This example has been created based upon the most common customer scenarios Daisy encounters.
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Case Study

The Church in Wales
Daisy proposed a cloud-based hosted solution, which contained the call management features the Church required.


Ten reasons businesses should consider VoIP (Whitepaper)