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Not all business continuity planning software is created equal

Shadow-Planner from Daisy is double award-winning business continuity management software, with an award-winning, innovative mobile app to drive business continuity planning for the digital age.

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Where Shadow-Planner leads the way
Here are some of the areas where our users have found Shadow-Planner to be superior to other software on the market:

Q: Does your BCM software provide detailed dependency mapping?
A: Shadow-Planner’s got it nailed, with automatic upstream and downstream updates

Q: Does your BCM software automate task management and escalation?
A: Shadow-Planner can save you hours upon hours of chasing incomplete tasks

Q: Does your BCM software provide instantaneous gap analysis?
A: Shadow-Planner ‘red flags’ your RTO & RPO shortfalls

Q: Does your BCM software manage movers and leavers effectively?
A: Shadow-Planner keeps on top of them, so you don’t have to

Q: Does your BCM software automatically update from your golden data source?
A: With Shadow-Planner, there’s no manual intervention to import, categorise & maintain staff by department

Q: Is your BCM software stuck in a menu structure?
A: Shadow-Planner has full search & browse and drag & drop functionality

  • 1. Business impact analysis
    Shadow-Planner makes it easy to capture all your BIA information, set objectives and manage the planning – all in one secure and version-controlled repository.
  • 2. Planning
    Shadow-Planner follows the timeline and recovery priorities derived from the business impact analysis, automates the tasks and makes planning a breeze.
  • 3. Incident notification
    In Shadow-Planner, employee contact details for incident notification are maintained and updated as part of the planning process; accurate, convenient and with quick and easy templates to update and send, all ready at your fingertips.
  • 4. Work area recovery planning
    However complex your arrangements (syndicated or dedicated seats at a recovery centre, internal displacement or remote working) Shadow-Planner keeps track of all business requirements and uses all of your assets to maximum effect.
  • 5. Plan in your pocket
    Shadow-Planner has an award-winning mobile app that delivers plans and contact groups to the hands of your users, who each receive only the elements of the plan that are relevant to them, regularly synced and available offline, it’s the “always-on” plan and it’s in your pocket!
Where Shadow-Planner can help
  • You’re starting from fresh and want a framework to work within
  • Your existing plans have become unwieldy and time-consuming to manage and keep up-to-date
  • Your BCM resource is being reduced / your BC program is too large for the resource available to manage
  • You want to manage by exception (software can do the chasing and you can focus on the areas that need your attention)
  • You need other people to validate some of the content in your BC plans/BIA but want a system that automatically tells them it’s time to validate via email
  • You waste too much time chasing people to update their parts of the plan
  • You have no reliable way of communicating with employees during an incident
  • You just want to have access to information at the time of an incident that tells you ‘what to do’ and ‘who to contact’
  • Your plans are detailed but nobody can follow them
  • Your IT recovery and business recovery plans are not aligned
  • Tracking the internal and external dependencies is a challenge
  • Your planning data is on separate systems
  • Your BC plans and data is at risk as it sits on your own infrastructure – any infrastructure failure could take out our plans also
  • Your need to apply agreed standards across multiple offices/ locations/territories

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