B2B Communications

An expanded product portfolio

leads to increased revenue

By selling more services to our customer base, our customers become stickier. They look to us for so much more, and we therefore find ourselves in a position where we can almost dictate the mobile side of things as we become their trusted provider.
Matt Dandy, Director at B2B Communications

The Background

B2B Communications is an independent provider of bespoke business unified communications, IT services and support. Founded in 2008, the business has developed long-term relationships with
customers, from small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to large corporations, through a focus on providing excellent customer service and meeting its clients’ ever-changing needs.

During the last decade, the business had developed an enviable reputation as a mobile solutions provider. The position was helped in part by Daisy Distribution providing and connecting its direct
network mobiles and O2 digital products such as Microsoft Office 365 and mobile voice recording.

However, the staff at B2B Communications recognised that continuing to only offer mobile solutions would not be a sustainable business model and would leave them unable to compete against much larger firms, so the business looked for an opportunity to expand its portfolio.

The Challenge

To maintain its reputation as a business that provides reliable customer service and excellent delivery of products and solutions, B2B Communications understood it needed to bridge the gap between mobile and IT services and provide a more integrated solution.

Matt Dandy, Director at B2B Communications, said: “Our existing customers were having problems with their fixed lines, broadband, phone systems and IT services, so because of the good
relationships we had built with them, they came to us to see whether we could provide any advice or support.”

But the business acknowledged that it had neither the capabilities nor expertise to offer the services its clients required, so it contacted Daisy Distribution to build the skills internally.

Dandy explained: “Without any experience with certain products, we needed to find distributors and supply channels that could help support us. Daisy Distribution not only offered an extensive
portfolio, but it was also able to provide us with the support and training we needed.”

The Solution

Partnering with Daisy Distribution has allowed B2B Communications to offer enhanced services and solutions that go beyond mobile, including Office 365 from O2, Vodafone One Net Business and Skype for Business.

Alongside its expanded portfolio, staff were encouraged to attend tailored training courses to enhance their learning and become accredited with O2 and Vodafone. The courses – part of the Daisy Distribution Partner Academy – provided a better overview of the products that enables the business to crosssell additional services, meaning it can deliver, manage and implement full end-to-end solutions.

Dandy said: “Daisy Distribution provided great training facilities and has fantastic people who can assist; they even took the time to accompany us to customer meetings and pitched on our behalf.”

The partnership also included funding for online marketing tactics such as e-shots to help sell products to customers, while Microsoft representatives were available to give talks to B2B Communications’ customers about how Office 365 could benefit their business.

The Results

Partnering with Daisy Distribution has helped transform B2B Communications from a mobile solutions provider into a unified communications company. Where previously a customer would only be able to purchase a mobile servicethrough the business, they can now get mobile, fixed lines and cloud-based solutions all from the same supplier.

Through tailored training and by becoming a fully-integrated IT solutions provider, it has consolidated its clients’ loyalty through selling subscriptions and access to professional support services such as Office 365, Skype for Business and One Net Business. This has increased revenue and given the business the confidence to take on larger-scale projects.

Due to the success of the portfolio expansion and a new streamlined approach to business, B2B Communications has developed a competitive edge in the industry. Its clients’ orders are easy to process ensuring the business delivers an efficient and effective end-to-end service.

“Rather than waiting monthly for our mobile revenue to come through, expanding our portfolio has allowed us to get cash into the business much quicker with upfront and one-off revenue,” added Dandy.

Thanks to its partnership with Daisy Distribution, B2B Communications is now brilliantly placed to meet the ever-changing needs of the future and the demands of its customers.

Lucy Darbyshire

About Lucy Darbyshire

Lucy Darbyshire is Content & PR Manager for Daisy Corporate Services, the UK’s leading end-to-end business communications and IT services provider. She is passionate about creating engaging, informative and accessible digital content that adds value to both internal and external audiences.