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Thanks to my partnership with Daisy Distribution, my customers can now get the technology from one trusted and reliable supplier. I am confident that I can support them through their telephony needs, right now and into the future. It’s also helped me reach new business, so I’m really excited to learn more about Daisy Distribution’s products – it has so much potential.

Haydn Foskett, Founder and Owner at Buzz Business Solutions

The Background

Established in 2014, Buzz Business Solutions is a highly successful Essex-based telecoms business run by its founder Haydn Foskett.

For years, the organisation focussed on selling traditional fixed lines and broadband services to its customer base, which typically consisted of small businesses such as taxi firms, car dealers and MOT providers. However, Haydn’s passion to provide his customers with cost-effective and affordable web-based technology led him to speak to Daisy Distribution about adding Hosted Voice Select (HV.Select), a new hosted and managed, high-definition Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
telephony service into his portfolio.

By allowing small and growing businesses to convert their voice calls into data before transmitting them over the internet, Buzz Business Solutions could offer a new solution to existing customers that would allow them to make significant cost savings when compared to using a traditional analogue telephone system. The service would also provide an exciting proposition for new customers too.

The Challenge

Despite the obvious appeal of adding HV.Select to the Buzz Business Solutions portfolio, hosted voice services can sometimes present some potential challenges for resellers.

There is the technical aspect problem that not all customers and prospects have the required broadband speeds to truly benefit from this digital technology. However, Haydn was in the fortunate position that he could also offer these businesses a high-speed leased line solution through Daisy Distribution to overcome this problem.

For Haydn it was the internal education piece that he found a challenge. It was imperative that staff at Buzz Business Solutions had the appropriate technical understanding of the product to effectively raise awareness of the solution among customers and prospects.

The Solution

In order to gain detailed knowledge about the VoIP solution and how to implement it successfully, Haydn took advantage of the intensive training courses offered to him through the Daisy Distribution Partner Academy.

Having attended a one-day course focussed on HV.Select in Birmingham, Haydn came away with a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of the web-based product.

In addition to the free training, Daisy Distribution has provided Buzz Business Solutions with high-quality customer service support as it transitions to the new products. Haydn said: “The support provided by Daisy Distribution is brilliant. There’s always someone there to take my call and offer expert help.”

Daisy Distribution also provided Haydn and his team with a range of valuable marketing resources, such as co-branded e-marketing templates, which have helped the telecoms firm leverage the Daisy brand to maintain a professional image in the eyes of prospects. This type of valuable partner support meant that Buzz Business Solutions could focus on creating the best technology solutions for its customers.

The Result

Extending the Buzz Business Solutions portfolio to include HV.Select has paid significant dividends in a very short period of time.

A targeted campaign created to convert existing customers to HV.Select was highly successful, with 50% of the firm’s overall customer base moving to the product in just three months. Moreover, Haydn gained six referrals which resulted in fixed line calls and broadband services being provided.

Working with Daisy Distribution to sell more sophisticated product sets has significantly increased revenue into Buzz Business Solutions. By working with Daisy Distribution alone, Haydn finds day-to-day operations far simpler. He commented: “Prior to working with Daisy, I was dealing with lots of other companies; now I work with one point of contact, which is far more effective in terms of time and cost.”

For Buzz Business Solutions’ customers, the consolidated offering has big benefits too.

“Thanks to my partnership with Daisy, my customers can now get the best technology from one trusted and reliable supplier. I am confident that I can support them through their telephony needs, right now and into the future. It’s also helped me reach new business, so I’m really excited to learn more about Daisy Distribution’s products – it has so much potential,” Haydn added as he plans to attend further courses to expand his knowledge of Daisy Distribution’s other solution offerings.

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