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Other partners threw over the same cookie-cut bill of materials from Cisco, while Daisy WiFi took the time to understand our requirements.

Gordon Campbell, Director at Sports Revolution

The Background

Celtic Football Club – founded in 1888 – is a professional football club based in Glasgow, Scotland, which plays in the Scottish Premiership.

The Challenge

The football stadium contains vast populations of people in relatively small areas, and the club needed to solve an issue with 3G technologies failing to deliver. It wanted to provide state-of-the-art WiFi connectivity to keep its 60,000 fans connected. Sports Revolution, the sports and media digital marketing agency, chose Daisy WiFi over six other competitive partners to deliver Cisco’s Connected Stadium WiFi. This is largely due to Daisy WiFi paying special attention to detail and keeping vendors honest.

Sports Revolution’s Director, Gordon Campbell, remarks, “Our experience with Daisy WiFi, when compared with other Cisco partners, is that they come head and shoulders above the rest. During early stages of the project, other partners threw over the same cookie-cut bill of materials from Cisco, while Daisy WiFi took the time to understand our requirements and handcraft a solution that suited our project specifically.”

The Solution

Daisy WiFi worked with Cisco Advanced Services to deliver High-Density WiFi at the Club’s 60,000 seat Celtic Park venue. We are the first company to successfully design and deploy a large-scale HD WiFi solution within a sports environment in the UK.

The Result

Delivering state-of-the-art WiFi connectivity to 60,000 fans over more than 300 access points is an amazing feat. Throughout the stages of pre-sales, solution design and implementation, the project has proven to be an amazing success. The hair-raising go-live fell nothing short of fans’ high expectations.

Daisy WiFi delivers magic to the seat, enabling fans to now for vote for man of the match, order at-seat catering, place bets during the game and stream video to their mobiles to view instant replays. Daisy WiFi has enhanced the game day experience and enables sports fans to engage in new and exciting ways.

Daisy WiFi also contributes to business development through new revenue opportunities for the partners and end customers. In addition to our stadium endeavours, we’re also creating these opportunities for any venue or event with a large population looking to connect. Campbell confirms, “This project is very important, because it opens new doors for technological advancement in the way of wireless and mobile technologies. It revolutionises crowd participation and the relationship between businesses and end users. Projects like these are complex, requiring a huge amount of time spent up front and we’ve found that this consultative approach is Daisy WiFi’s core philosophy.”

The Future

Sports Revolution and Daisy WiFi have plans for further projects with a stadium pipeline spanning across the whole of Britain. Our current business plan anticipates over 20 HD WiFi deployments over the next two years.

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