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Unified solution increases efficiency, staff

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With Daisy Distribution’s help, Vodafone One Net Business has enabled us to deliver a more integrated approach for our customers, with longer term contracts for better peace of mind, greater customer loyalty and ongoing support and IT infrastructure.

David Savage, Owner at Emery and Savage

The Background

Emery and Savage is a telecommunications and IT solutions company, delivering a highly-flexible and individualised service to clients across a wide customer base.

Offering a full range of business services, including landlines, mobiles, leased lines for broadband, non-geographic marketing numbers and even electricity and gas, Emery and Savage has been working with Daisy Distribution since 2006.

The Challenge

Identifying the point in the marketplace when the infrastructure supporting VoIP telephony caught up with the technology, Emery and Savage took advice and support from Daisy Distribution and looked to Vodafone One Net Business for a trusted mobile and fixed line solution for its customers.

As well as the need to overcome its own reservations about the sustainability of VoIP solutions, having made the decision to enter into the market, Emery and Savage needed to ensure adequate training and customer support was available. The company also needed to become accredited to sell Vodafone One Net Business, and Daisy Distribution proved to be the perfect partner.

The Solution

Enabling businesses to take an ‘always-on’ approach to its telecommunications, Emery and Savage recognised the advantages that Vodafone One Net Business could offer to many of its customers.

Vodafone One Net Business offers a unified communication solution for companies, with landlines and mobiles working as one, making the office more mobile. This integrated system has universal company benefits increasing the potential for flexible working, encouraging collaboration and greater customer engagement.

Partnering with Daisy Distribution, Emery and Savage immediately benefited from the support of a specialist with the product knowledge and Vodafone connections to ensure a seamless implementation.

Arranging all the training required for the company to become Vodafone accredited, the Daisy Distribution team was always on-hand to assist – from sales through to implementation and support arrangements.

Daisy Distribution also arranged for Vodafone representatives to meet with and support Emery and Savage, further reinforcing its position within the marketplace.

The close working relationship with Daisy Distribution, together with its mutual Vodafone connections, has enabled Emery and Savage to grow its business without the need to recruit technical employees.

The Result

Vodafone One Net Business can be sold in five year contracts, thereby providing a solution for a company’s longer term plans and, ultimately, delivering confidence to Emery and Savage and to its customers.

Emery and Savage’s Vodafone One Net Business clients range from small to medium-sized businesses with as few as five employees, right through to larger organisations with multiple business locations. As well as affording heightened efficiency, better staff productivity and business continuity benefits, Vodafone One Net Business offers Emery and Savage customers real bottom line savings – with one customer reporting efficiencies of nearly £31,000 a year.

Lucy Darbyshire

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