Fivebars Mobile Ltd

Delivering a 24/7/365 service model

with Vodafone One Net Business


At Five Bars Mobile we take the approach that we won’t install a solution until we are sure that the product will be supported and protected. Daisy Distribution’s support and personal contact gives us the confidence to know that the products we’re selling are tried and tested, sturdy and resilient.

Martin Murphy, Managing Director at Fivebars Mobile Ltd

The Background

Fivebars Mobile Ltd was set up with a vision to stand out from the competition – offering outstanding customer service as standard.

Established in 2011 to offer devices and coverage to the business market, the company soon established a solid and growing UK-wide customer base. As it did the need to provide better end-to-
end solutions, together with its 24/7/365 support offering, became a priority.

The Challenge

As Fivebars Mobile’s customers found themselves needing solutions that offered more joined up approaches to telecoms and IT, so too did Fivebars Mobile.

As a growing company with customer service placed very firmly at the core, the team at Fivebars Mobile chooses to be on call 24/7/365. This means that, should a customer call with a resilience
issue, day or night and anywhere in the world, solutions need to be sought quickly and effectively.

Having installed a VoIP system when the business was first established, Fivebars Mobile found that as technology moved on, the solutions that were being recommended to its customers had to

Once again placing customer interest at the fore, Fivebars Mobile decided to invest in Vodafone One Net Business, enabling the business to personally recommend the product and offer user
testing, while also being sure of never missing a business call again.

The Solution

Fivebars Mobile had worked with Daisy Distribution from day one, selecting the company for its stand-out service, its selection of networks and complete independence from any one telecoms solution. In this way, Daisy’s values very much matched its own.

Discussing its needs, the business found that Vodafone One Net Business offered the most suitable solution, integrating landlines, mobiles, desktop and tablets together into one system. The unique system allows easy configuration from an online portal or via a phone or mobile device app, allowing a successful ‘work anywhere, anytime’ ethos to be maintained.
It has enabled one service, one number, one voicemail and
one unified voice.

What’s more, as a cloud-based solution, Vodafone One Net Business significantly reduces the capital outlay needed for on-premise equipment. This means value can be added to operations and to the bottom line in a straightforward way, all visible via just one bill for all services.

Lucy Darbyshire

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