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The experience Daisy brings to the table, with fresh perspectives from their experience in other markets… that’s absolutely invaluable. Not only do we have complete trust in the result, but the approach has saved us untold hours of research, trial and error.

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The Background

A leading global performance marketing agency specialising in performance programmes for global companies looking to optimise their customer experience.

To do this, it builds and operates dynamic web platforms that need to be fast, reliable, scalable and completely secure. Clients include some of the biggest names in retail, media, technology, communications, the public sector and beyond. Alongside security, stringent data compliance is a key priority for every project.

In light of this, a cloud control solution was of clear interest to the firm. Having grown rapidly and organically since its foundation, the business had coalesced around two semi-autonomous hubs (London-Singapore and Seattle Austin), each with its own IT and operations. The group was keen to integrate its infrastructure fully across all locations, harnessing technology in a planned way to maximise project scalability, future-proof security and facilitate collaboration – all leading to enhanced colleague satisfaction and a seamless service for clients.

The Challenge

Daisy undertook to scope and design an optimal cloud-based solution to fit with the marketing agency’s needs.

As well as uniting the two regional “wings” of its business under a common IT infrastructure, the
main goal was to achieve that all-important scalability and flexibility without a similar scaling in

The solution also needed to provide a single global view of the business, whilst enabling easy data sharing, global coordination of resources and the creation of virtual teams to meet each clients’ specific needs.

In addition, the business hoped to benefit from a common sales pipeline, as well as an integrated financial structure that could support all areas of the organisation. Feedback from colleagues, meanwhile, had confirmed the need for a standardised office experience that would improve job satisfaction and help individuals deliver for clients.

Microsoft’s cloud-based Azure platform, with coverage in more than 30 global regions, formed the basis for the proposed solution.

The Solution

Daisy approached the challenge from a total business perspective. The depth of the analysis undertaken revealed valuable practical insights right from the start.

Daisy began by conducting a company-wide IT assessment. This provided a clear snapshot of the business’ existing technology and systems maturity, firmly rooted in the context of its wider strategy and aspirations. As well as examining both main IT structures, the team spoke to colleagues at all levels within the business to understand their day-to-day user experience and identify obstacles to global collaboration.

In a parallel workstream, Daisy explored how the public cloud could best be used to house and deliver the business’ core apps and toolkit, whilst combining key collaboration software such as Skype for Business and Office 365. After creating a detailed blueprint of all possibilities, Daisy secured support from Microsoft to develop and test a proof of concept (PoC) for the business, working directly in Azure.

The Result

With its small yet highly-skilled staff, the agency needs a robust, visionary and future-proof technology strategy to maximise future profitability and efficiency. The insights, recommendations and proof of concept provided by Daisy will allow the firm to transform its systems in line with its long-term business needs.

Daisy’s approach is creative, impartial and practical and completely grounded in the business reality. Even though the work is technically complex, it was important that the firm wasn’t locked in to one specific solution. Instead, a clear, experienced presentation of all possibilities was given as well as best practice guidance and how best to achieve its goal.

A Microsoft Azure solution will provide the firm’s leadership with global visibility and the means to target investment more efficiently as it continues to expand. As well as giving colleagues the same up- to-date workplace experience regardless of location, systems will be simpler to replicate, allowing new offices to be opened quickly and easily. Meanwhile, a combined software as a service (SaaS) and IT as a service (ITaaS) approach means upgrades will be simpler to deliver throughout the organisation.

Perhaps most importantly, the group’s ability to comply with its clients’ stringent security and data protection measures will be greatly enhanced, improving the effectiveness of campaigns. Daisy has a dedicated account manager at the business’ disposal to provide ongoing consultancy as required. With the proof of concept delivered, this trusted partnership is set to continue through the implementation phase, with Daisy providing additional support including server transformation into public cloud, data migration and backup, software licensing and more.

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