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“The new leased line has proved extremely time saving, it means that we can get a lot more work done which has led to an increase in sales.”

Shay Gibson, Digital Marketing Apprentice at Midshires Electrical & Lighting Ltd

The Background

Midshires Electrical & Lighting Ltd is the largest independent electrical wholesaler in Northamptonshire. Founded in 2003, the company’s on-site team boasts more than 100 years of combined electrical wholesaling experience and specialises in the provision of lighting, heating ventilation, cable management, electrical accessories and electrical distribution.

With its 33-strong workforce spread across a number of units – including a trade counter for the public, warehouses for trade customers’ deliveries as well as the operation of an e-commerce arm – the day-to-day operations of Midshires require abundant internet usage.

The Challenge

Midshires was working with a standard broadband connection to support its daily operations which include stock-checking, price comparisons, locating customer and supplier contact details, and supporting both its website and online presence. The business’ internal CRM system, which is used to process orders, also requires a robust and reliable internet connection, with up to 22 members of staff using it at any given time.

As a result of this heavy usage, it was becoming apparent that the business was relying on a slow and rapidly declining data connection that was impacting overall efficiency and staff productivity.

Shay Gibson, Digital Marketing Apprentice at Midshires Electrical Wholesalers, explained why the broadband connection was no longer fit for purpose, stating: “It was too slow and it was becoming a waste of everyone’s time. Lots of staff were getting frustrated as the speeds were consistently slow.”

The company’s rural location presented further complications in terms of the internet connectivity options available. In order to meet the growing demands of the business, it was critical that a decision was made and a plan put in place to invest in a more suitable solution that would enable staff to work more efficiently.

The Solution

Having no previous relationship with Daisy, Midshires conducted its own market research into what it would need from a new internet service provider. Shay highlights the key factors that contributed to making Daisy the first choice: “It was the price of the connectivity solutions; the price was really good and competitive on the market. It was apparent the customer service provided was excellent too.”

After all requirements had been considered, it was clear to Daisy that the business would benefit from an improved internet connection that wouldn’t be affected or inhibited by its rural location. As a result, a leased line circuit was proposed.

This solution would enable staff to benefit from dedicated bandwidth; reserved solely for Midshires’ use. This symmetrical connection – enabling data to be sent and received at the same speed –ensured the business would receive download and upload speeds of up to 50Mbps. The leased line circuit was purchased on a 100Mbps bearer which allows the business to upgrade its speeds at any point throughout their contract term to coincide with any future requirements.

Because of the business’ location, it was vital that the installation of the new circuit would not incur extra construction charges due to the need of a more complicated setup than normal. But thanks to Daisy’s list of approved partners, the most appropriate provider for Midshires’ requirements was sourced; one that would mitigate any substantial upfront charges and any unnecessary delays to the install.

The Result

Since implementing the leased line, Midshires has experienced a range of tangible improvements and benefits to its day-to-day operations.

Shay said: “The new leased line has proved extremely time saving, it means that we can get a lot more work done which has led to an increase in sales. Not only has the 50Mpbs leased line meant that the staff can be more productive as a result of the high-speed connection, but we have all noticed a significant decrease in internet downtime. We now have a very consistent connection which offers consistent speeds”

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