Thomas Sinden

A real-time billing solution

enabling business growth

The Background

Thomas Sinden is a contractor for public and private sector schemes throughout London and the South East. The company has experienced consistent year-on-year growth in both its reputation and in financial performance. It delivers a strong partnering approach, broad skills and experience, and exceptional value for its clients.

The Challenge

As Thomas Sinden grew, its existing telecoms and data network provision was no longer sufficient for the business. Although specifications were satisfactory, support and response times were not. Replacement handsets were often slow to arrive, and poor, retrospective communications regarding data usage costs were unnecessarily high. Service needed to improve – while reducing costs and hardware had to be upgraded punctually and appropriately.

The Solution

When Thomas Sinden’s fixed lines contract ended, Daisy installed a consolidated, single-provider solution that cut management time and streamlined processes, creating a more efficient and cost-effective service.  Real-time billing – supported by automated alerts and reports – meant there were no more surprises regarding usage levels. Handsets and SIMs were replaced much quicker, using better processes. With the presence of the 24/7 network operations centre team both Daisy and Thomas Sinden have visibility and the ability to react as soon as usage alerts are raised. This control through visibility has allowed Thomas Sinden to focus on its core business and not IT issues.

The Result

By understanding the organisation’s issues and objectives, Daisy was not only able to design and install the most effective solution – but also offer Thomas Sinden the peace of mind by being fully accountable during the life of the project. Thomas Sinden now enjoys much greater control over its entire telecoms remit, making budgets and costs easier to predict while generating confidence across its business. Total annual expenditure has reduced by almost 50%.


About Ebi Higson

Ebi Higson is a Marketing Communications Manager at Daisy Group.