Daisy Wholesale & Partners Take to the Water

Thrilled winners of a Daisy Wholesale partner sales incentive scooped a top prize – setting sail with Olympic legend Sir Ben Ainslie.

Jola Cloud Solutions, KSM Telecom and DV02 joined the Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR) team led by Sir Ben Ainslie himself, aboard the foiling ‘AC45’ for a hair-raising excursion off the south coast of England.

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The simplicity of a geographic telephone number

There is a strong possibility that you?ll have heard of geographic numbers before. Sometimes dressed up as ?virtual? or ?ghost? numbers, the solution has been around for a number of years. But unlike its flashy tech affiliates, geographic numbers for some reason fail to spark the same excitement amongst telecoms enthusiasts. In fact the service has even been labelled boring in the past. However, it?s this simplicity which should make the service extremely appealing to your business.

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The Demise of the desk phone

The office phone looks set to join cassettes, videos and dial-up internet in the technology graveyard as one in four British adults admit they are too nervous to use the landline telephone, according to new research by business communications firm Daisy Group plc.

Flexible working via VoIP ideal for parents

Millions of people in the UK have to balance their work life against their time spent with the family and when you have children to consider you can end up sacrificing productivity and career progression for time with your kids, or vice versa.

However, one expert has spoken about the benefits associated with enabling flexible working so that staff are able to fit their job around their family life, without having to make concessions in either area.

Parenting for Professionals founder, Helen Letchfield, said that home working and a flexible business environment would be very beneficial for those who do not want to let either side of their existence become a burden on the other.
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Mobile VoIP app launched to rival Skype

A new VoIP service designed to help mobile phone users communicate cheaply and effectively has been launched by Kineto Wireless, according to PC Advisor.

The Kineto application can be downloaded across a number of popular smartphone platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It will be competing in a market which is currently dominated by the likes of Skype and Google Voice, although any new entrants are sure to give the established providers cause to improve their own services.

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