Channel Live


Bringing technology and business together

Driven by customers’ demand for converged technology and business services, channel partners today have a unique opportunity to position themselves as the single, trusted provider to guide customers through this surge towards digital transformation.

For Channel Live, we have brought together our individual indirect business units to form a single compelling channel partner proposition. Whether you choose to sell and service and bill yourself, or would prefer for us to bill on your behalf, provide fully-managed services or choose to rely on our support services; as a partner you can now choose how you wish to engage with Daisy in terms of product, route to market and sales engagement.

As an established, market-leading provider of IT and communications services, we will be presenting and demoing some of our leading products from our end-to-end portfolio to show how our new converged ways of working are bringing technology and business solutions together.

Our flexible and innovative approach allows you to mix and match our propositions to create a compelling proposition that best satisfies your business objectives and, just as importantly, your customers’ desired technology requirements.

Digital convergence is happening right now and by partnering with Daisy, you will benefit from ultimate flexibility in how you want to engage with your customers, and be able to take advantage of our highest levels of support, enabling you to significantly increase your revenues and margins.