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An easier and more cost effective way to manage your telephony
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HV.Select is suitable for businesses of any size with single or multiple sites. We can scale from the very small single office to multi-site networks or indeed large corporate headquarters, providing seamless, reliable, predictable and hassle-free levels of communications functionality

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The reliable and robust platform

HV.Select in it’s simplest form is a phone system that converts voice calls into data and transmits them over the internet. Hosted in the cloud, HV.Select offers small and growing businesses enterprise-level functionality without the price tag.

Easy and simple to manage, HV.Select allows you to stay in control from wherever you are. No expensive on-site equipment is required resulting in no costly maintenance.

You can make your business more efficient and productive whilst keeping your business running smoothly in the event of a disaster.

For those businesses with multiple sites, we provide ethernet circuits to ensure maximum call quality, securely linked by our virtual private networks (VPNs). HV.Select call traffic bypasses the public internet entirely, ensuring a perfect quality of service for your users.

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Why Daisy Connect?

  • Scalable – easy to add and remove users
  • Reliable – guaranteed 99.9% uptime, backed by our SLA
  • Secure – built-in business continuity and disaster recovery with call re-routing

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