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At Daisy Connect, we manage your wireless connectivity solution
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The always-on culture is never more apparent than when it comes to WiFi. Whether you are at home, in the office or out and about connecting wirelessly to the internet has become an expectation.

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Reliable Internal & Public WiFi Solutions

When a WiFi service doesn’t work, or worst still, isn’t even on offer, it can create a damaging lasting impression. There are now very few limitations on delivering this service making it simple to deploy in your business for both your employees and your customers.

WiFi enables you to provide your customers, visitors and staff with the seamless wireless experience they expect through either our public-facing or internal solution.

At Daisy Connect, we manage your wireless connectivity solution – both internal and public-facing – to ensure appropriate access is provided at all times.

Our capabilities include:

  • Public-facing captive WiFi portal
  • End-to-end wireless solution
  • Content filtering system

To find out more about how Daisy Connect could help your business, call 03300 375 214 or email

Call: 0330 0375 214

Why Daisy Connect?

  • End-to-end capabilities – from design and installation, to support and maintenance
  • Captive portal – capture customer data and turn WiFi from a cost into a source of revenue
  • Tailored solutions – we can provide deployed-only or fully-monitored solutions

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