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Why Daisy Education?

In the modern digital age, there are a number of ICT-related challenges facing education providers. These range from having a secure infrastructure, capable of supporting modern classroom technology, to managing and maximising strict budgets.

Daisy Education is a specialist division within Daisy Group which understands and appreciates the requirements and challenges that are specific to the education sector.

We will work with your institution to identify what your ongoing needs are and develop a tailored solution that enhances the learning experience, supports high quality pastoral care, and demonstrates a clear return on investment.

With Daisy Education you receive

Expertise and experience
Strong track record in meeting educators’ needs and budget requirements

Superior infrastructure
We enable educational institutions to manage call handling and administration more efficiently

Low one-off payment structure
Enabling you to reinvest savings where it matters the most

Dedicated support
Delivering seamless transition and lifetime guidance

Future ready connectivity
Infrastructures that help educators exploit modern technology in the classroom

Tailored package
Providing bespoke solutions to match your institution’’s requirements

Your roadmap to becoming a modern learning zone


Visualise the possibilities and the steps you need to take to become a modern learning zone.

Daisy Education

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