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Why Daisy Health?

A simple phone call is often the first step a patient takes when accessing healthcare services via your practice. Effective and efficient telephone and communication systems are therefore essential, supporting you in the daily challenge of managing the demand and flow of your patient community.

Working with Daisy Health allows you to avoid the situations that can lead to frustration and anger.

We all know the frustration of being greeted by an engaged tone. These frustrations can be further exacerbated if an individual is feeling unwell or anxious.

Recognising the many communications challenges facing healthcare organisations, and having listened to those in General Practice, Daisy Health is devoted to providing flexible and responsive telephony solutions to support and foster positive relations between your staff and your patients.

We understand the changing landscape in which you operate, including the need to manage increasing demand, and we remain dedicated in our efforts to provide bespoke, tailored and cost-effective solutions to meet your practice’s needs.


Daisy can also help you with your migration from N3 to HSCN, please click here for more details.

Benefits of Daisy Health

Designed with the needs of General Practice in mind: Phone systems and communication packages tailored for you

Business continuity:

ensure your practice and staff are ready for any eventuality by utilising our disaster recovery/business continuity service, allowing your IT Governance standards to be met and calls to be answered without staff presence.

Smart messaging:

manage patient expectations by maximising the benefits of the message service facility. Before your patient even speaks to one of your staff, a solution may be accessible to them, thereby removing the immediate need for personal contact.

Protect your practice: maintain CQC compliance and ensure health professionals are protected through call recording

As more practices adopt ways of managing patient expectations by undertaking calls directly with GPs and nurses, the need for a secure call recording facility has increased in importance. With the capability to record and attach call details to a patient record you can be assured that not only are you meeting CQC standards but that your staff are safe in the knowledge that a conversation is accurately captured and held securely in the context of a personal record facility.

Drive efficiencies in resource management: call statistics help you understand patterns in patient behaviour

Having the right staff available at the right time not only meets the needs of patients but reduces the potential for stress and overload within your practice. Being able to identify your busiest periods and monitor incoming and outgoing call statistics means that you can plan staff deployment effectively, improving both productivity and job satisfaction. The flexibility of a Daisy Health solution also means that you can increase or decrease the number of handsets as and when needed.

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