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Daisy’s own infrastructure acts as a platform on which we build and manage solutions on behalf of our customers.

Data Centres

In recent years, data centres have become increasingly important to businesses of all sizes as they look for cost-effective alternatives to high in-house IT costs. Increasing data volumes, more complex applications and the constant challenge of security threats, combined with the demand for ‘Green IT’, are driving hosting solutions out of the workplace and into data centres.

Our purpose-built facility provides a state-of-the-art environment to provide a range of hosting and data services including dedicated and virtual environments, and associated services including storage, security, back-up and disaster recovery solutions.

Daisy’s data centres, which are situated in several locations across the UK, allow us to manage every component of your hosting infrastructure.

Our UK Based Data Centres:

Our in-house expertise means we can advise you on the best solution for your business requirements and help you to identify and minimise the risk of service attacks, failure or interruption.  

Our highly skilled technical engineers proactively manage and monitor your hosted solution and look after every aspect of your data services around the clock 24/7×365, guaranteeing service excellence and offering you peace of mind backed by mission critical SLAs.

For more information about Daisy’s data centres or to speak to a business advisor please call  0333 220 9151 or request a call back