Unified Communications in Financial Services

Join Daisy and Mitel at the Unified Communications in Financial Services roundtable event organised by FSTech, a leading publication for technology purchasers in financial services, to discuss how financial services firms can maximize their customer engagement and drive competitive advantage by unifying their communications platforms.

Discussion topics to include:

  • Have you considered bringing together communications into a unified platform – voice, email, webchat, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter – to make faster decisions and improve customer experience?
  • How about the use of collaboration tools internally between managers?
  • For team members operating remotely, do you have unified communication systems?
  • What are the sales and efficiency benefits of better communications infrastructure?
  • In terms of training staff, have you utilised audio and video conferencing to standardise sessions across different offices?

This evening event is open to Heads of IT, Purchasing, Infrastructure, Operations and Customer Experience within financial institutions and insurance companies only.