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Analysing your bill in 3 steps

From time to time you may receive a bill and the charges may be unclear – such as data over usage or more voice calls than normal. You can analyse your bill through the My Account portal so you can gain a full understanding of where the costs are coming from.

Step 1

Firstly, login to your My Account portal, go to “My Bill” and then “Analyse” as shown below:

You will then be provided with a table that you can manipulate, depending on your requirements.



Step 2

Select which bill you would like to analyse.

You can:

  • Choose an invoice from the list
  • Look at your unbilled amounts
  • Choose to analyse by product type, charge type or by a specific number.

(Once you have selected your chosen bill, you will be presented with a brief breakdown.)

The standard table shows you the telephone number, any tag associated with it, the activity on that telephone number, the call duration and the cost associated with it.

You can click on anything highlighted in blue to access further information. For example, clicking on the number of calls, allows you to understand when each call was made, what telephone number it was to, the call duration and the cost.


Step 3

Click “CSV” in the top right hand corner as shown below. This will download your latest bill as an Excel document.



The easiest way to analyse your bill is to add a filter. To do this, go to “Data” along the top, and click “Filter”.



From here you can filter by Cost Centre, the mobile number, or by cost to see if you have incurred any charges.

Bill breakdown

One function that might be useful, especially if you have a telephone sales team, is the ability to analyse your bill for a specific number. To do this, you just need to choose the telephone number from the drop down list and then click on the number of calls to see each one that has been made.

Manage costs

By clicking on the number of calls, you are able understand when each call was made, what telephone number it was to, the call duration and the cost.

Create your own report

If you want to create your own report, to your own specification, you can. Simply drag the relevant column header into the box directly above. You can also export it in either PDF or CSV format, to be used in your own business reports and communications. Simply click on the relevant button.

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