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Welcome to MyAccount

Stay in complete control of your Daisy account & discover the new and improved features of MyAccount with this series of help videos.

Your latest bill details, including your current call spend for the month are displayed on the home page.

To look at this in more detail, click on view your bill.

You can then analyse your bill further, by product or service category, and view your past bills by using the drop down menu.

View which cost centre an item belongs to or change the items linked to a cost centre by using the manage cost centre tool.

This tool is perfect for making sure all business outgoings are accounted for. You may even be able to avoid unexpected costs.

To move an item between cost centres, choose which number you wish to move either from within a cost centre or from the list of unassigned numbers and drag and drop it into its new cost centre.

Save, validate and submit the changes to complete the process.

You can add a usage alert for a variety of things, such as calls lasting a certain length of time, of a particular cost, to a specific number or on a particular day.

You may want to use alerts to monitor outbound telephone usage that happens outside of office hours, for instance.

Use the default alerts or create your own by clicking on ‘Add new alert’.

Logging a fault couldn?t be simpler.

Select one of your authorised contacts, fill in the relevant fault details and click submit support ticket.

The process to fix the issue will then be started.

Analyse your bill

If you would like to analyse your spending, you can do this by going to the bill section of the menu and clicking on ‘Analyse’.

You will then be provided with a table that you can manipulate, depending on your requirements.

You can analyse your spending in a variety of different ways.

You can choose an invoice from the list or look at your unbilled amounts. You can also choose to analyse by product type, charge type or by specific number.

If you choose to look at your unbilled spending, it?s important to remember that this won?t include any discounts, including free minute allocation as these are added once the invoice is prepared.

The standard table shows you the telephone number, any tag associated with it, the activity on that telephone number, the call duration and the cost associated with it.

You can click on anything highlighted in blue to access further information. For example, clicking on the number of calls, allows you to understand when each call was made, what telephone number it was to, the call duration and the cost.

If you want to create your own report, to your own specification, you can. Simply drag the relevant column header into the box directly above.

One function that might be useful, especially if you have a telephone sales team, is the ability to analyse you bill for a specific number. To do this, you just need to choose the telephone number from the drop down list and then click on the number of calls to see each one that has been made.

Not only can you view your bill analysis within MyAccount, you can also export it in either PDF or CSV format, to be used in your own business reports and communications. Simply click on the relevant button.

Manage cost centres

The manage cost centres section of MyAccount is the perfect tool for making sure all business outgoings are accounted for. You may even be able to avoid unexpected costs.

This tool sits within the self-service menu on the main screen.

Within this section, you can view all of the cost centres your organisation has on its account.

To view the items that are linked to a cost centre, click on the names on the left of the screen.

You can then move an item from one cost centre to another, by dragging it to the name of the cost centre you wish to add it to.

You can also edit or change the name of any cost centre, by clicking on the pencil icon.

The unassigned numbers list shows you all the numbers that your organisation is billed for that are currently not assigned to any cost centre. To move any of these into a cost centre, simply drag and drop.

You?ll then need to save, validate and submit the changes to complete the process. The changes will be immediate within MyAccount and will show on your next bill.

Log a fault

Logging a fault couldn?t be simpler.

Your company?s authorised contacts are listed in the box on the right of the screen. Simply click on the one you want to receive support updates and the information will be populated in the form.

Then, all you need to do is provide a reference for the fault, state which product it refers to and find the associated number in the list.

You can add any further notes in the notes section.

Once you are ready to submit the ticket, click on ?submit support ticket?. This will then be sent to the relevant Daisy team and the process to fix the issues will be started.

MyAccount for Mobile

Welcome to the new look mobile MyAccount, now integrated into the existing Daisy MyAccount portal, to give you even better control of your Daisy account and manage all your products in one place.

To get started, click the ?manage mobiles? on the ?self service? tab. Here you can order a replacement SIM card, activate new SIMs, report lost & stolen phones and manage Worldwide data roaming as and when you need to.

To order a replacement SIM card, click ?order a replacement SIM card? in the manage mobiles area. Select the mobile number from the list and click continue. You will then need to choose the SIM type you require before entering your delivery address. And that?s it. Your order is complete and you just need to wait for your SIM card to arrive!

Once it has arrived, you will need to activate your SIM. Choose the mobile number under the ?activate your SIM card? menu and click ?continue?. You will then receive an activation message on your screen and your SIM is activated!

If you want to restrict or remove the restriction? use of a mobile phone or ?bar? certain services, you can do that by selecting ?add or remove bars? in the manage mobiles area. To apply a new bar, highlight the mobile number from the list and click ?continue?. Select the bars you want to add or remove and finally approve the bar to activate.

Finally, you can click on the MyAlerts tab to create alerts based on your telephone call records. You may want to add a usage alert to be notified by email if a user spends over a certain amount on their phone or alternatively add an event alert to monitor outbound telephone usage outside of office hours.

For customers with the mobile product there is the added feature of being able to automatically restrict outgoing calls on a mobile phone when a usage amount is breached, simply select the ?Alert & Autobar? action. Create your own by clicking on ?Add new alert?.