Daisy Mobile Leasing

Always have the latest smartphone or tablet on our SIM-only tariffs

Does your business run a fleet of mobile phones or tablets?
Is having mid to high-spec kit an important factor in helping you run an efficient operation?


If the answer is ‘yes’, then Daisy Mobile Leasing could be of real benefit to you.


With Daisy Mobile Leasing you can capitalise on our success in securing the most competitive commercials in the marketplace today, thanks to our unique agreements, we are able to provide the best tariffs across the Vodafone and 02 networks. Furthermore, our team of experts is on hand to guide you through the leasing process, which is fast, efficient and smooth. Transform your business with Daisy Mobile Leasing and always have the latest hardware technology at the most cost-effective price. Quite simply, leasing your mobile phone or tablet is a great way to make your money go further.

  • No upfront costs – a simple, fixed, monthly operating expense that protects your business’ working capital as it removes upfront capex liability
  • Allows you to pay less and acquire more mobile devices for your business
  • The ability to return and upgrade to the latest devices, keeping costs for inventory management/asset tagging to a minimum
  • Increase productivity and engagement by having hardware that keeps your workforce agile and responsive by using the latest apps and keep your business competitive
  • Takes the legwork out of sourcing the best deals in the marketplace
  • No need to compromise on the devices you choose for your staff or how long you leave it before upgrading