Instant Messaging, Presence & Collaboration Tools

Bring real-time messaging into the workplace

Instant messaging (IM)

In a working environment which involves huge volumes of email and numerous time-consuming phone calls, IM has become an indispensable technology for many organisations.

Increased collaboration brings success:

  • Connecting individuals or groups in real time via IM enables your employees to participate and contribute as they wish, without being distracted from their current tasks. At the same time, misunderstandings in oral communication are also eliminated and the narrative can also be archived for future reference.
  • Technology does not replace people, but instead adds further value to what they already achieve, by helping to extend their capabilities. For your workforce as a whole, it enables people to work together more effectively. Collaboration helps speed up decision-making and so dramatically enhances your business productivity.
  • Enable your employees to easily set up conference calls, meetings, and to share documents and presentations – including with external parties, via web conferencing.
  • Employees can message each other instantly, check the availability and contact information of a colleague in real time, plus via video conference ‘face to face’.