Daisy WiFi Engage

The captive portal solution

What is Daisy WiFi Engage?

A high-performance, scaleable captive portal solution built specifically for public facing WiFi, business networks and high density environments.

What does Daisy WiFi Engage do?

It can work with your existing WiFi network or be designed as part of a deployment unique to your needs. Providing more than just self-service registration, Daisy Engage becomes the hub to serve your visitors, customers and staff important information, ask their feedback and opinions which in turn provides you with insightful analytics into the service you provide. Create a seamless user experience for small and large scale guest wireless, including:

  • Speedy self-registration and network access
  • Visitors communications through splash screens
  • Automatic recognition
  • Statistical user behaviour insight


What are the benefits?
Office worker with mobile phone

Gain valuable user data including:

  • Customisable registration details
  • Specific device and browser information
  • Location information
  • Customer behaviour information
    • Know who is using it (demographics)
    • Drive relevant communications
  • User Acceptance Policy enforcement
  • Pushes users to a specific app or web page
Why choose Daisy WiFi Engage?
Boost revenue streams by understanding customers’ behaviour. Daisy Engage becomes the hub to serve your customers important information, which then provides you with insightful analytics into the services you provide.
What requirements do I need?
A wireless network, which we can also help to design and implement for you. Daisy WiFi Engage can also be overlaid onto existing WiFi networks and is compatible with the majority of leading WiFi vendors.