It’s the End of the Line for SQL… So Where To Next?

With Microsoft set to discontinue SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 support, what are your options?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that humans love an upgrade – to have the very latest and the very greatest that is on offer. So that being said, it may come as no surprise that Microsoft is no exception. Having been in service for an entire decade, their tried and tested SQL Server 2008/2008 R2 has reached retirement and it is almost time for all users to alight.
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Digital Customer Experience (CX) in Financial Services

Mitel’s Head of Financial Services discusses how a solid CX strategy can drive revenue.

A solid customer experience (CX) strategy will not only ensure that customer expectations are exceeded in the digital era, but will also improve business processes and drive revenue.  In today’s environment, where customers are demanding even more from digital platforms, a superior digital customer experience is a must if you want to maintain a competitive edge.
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Your Network Firewall: To Manage or Not to Manage? [Infographic]

We look at the benefits of both managed and in-house firewall approaches.

To manage or not to manage? That is the firewall question. But answering it needn’t be difficult. As the main line of defence against external threats, your network firewall needs regular updates and maintenance – and paying no attention to it makes your business likely target of malicious attacks.
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Four Ways Unified Communications Adds Value to the Financial Sector – [Infographic]

How a seamless communications solution can help meet consumer expectations.

The way people want to manage their money is changing. To retain their customers, financial institutions need to adopt new technologies and create a more social, collaborative and customer-friendly environment. 
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Introducing Daisy Quick-start

Daisy Quick-start: Providing all the building blocks needed for a successful construction site.

We know that when you get the green light on a construction project,  you’ll want to get your on-site office up, running and fully-operational as quickly as possible.

A reliable communications network is vital, but it can take weeks – if not months – to get a fixed internet connection. And making sure it’s a robust, secure system can often delay you even further.

In this video, we introduce Daisy Quick-start. A flexible, fast and secure way to get your construction site fully-operational in a fraction of the time.

Watch the full video below:


Palo Alto: Securing NHS Data in the Digital Age

In this guest blog, Palo Alto discuss the benefit of public cloud in the NHS.

The NHS has a long history of innovation and advancement, both within clinical care settings and within the services that support the delivery of modern medicine to the public. With the announcement earlier, this year endorsing the use of public cloud within the organisation, we can expect these technological advancements to continue, with many trusts, CSUs and ALBs now in the early phases of cloud adoption strategies.
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