Are YOU Cut From the Same Cloth? [Infographic]

Find out where you measure up against your industry peers.

In an age where we’re encouraged to break away from the mould, we often lose sight of what’s really important –embracing our similarities and working together to iron out common issues. 

That’s why we asked our corporate customers across every type of industry a series of up close and personal questions – from what makes them tick to what keeps them awake and what they really, really want from their tech – in order to build a bigger picture of the industry pain points, and here’s what we found.

Take a look at the infographic below and discover what keeps your peers up at night, where they go for news and information and what they expect their technology to do for them.


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Lucy Darbyshire

About Lucy Darbyshire

Lucy Darbyshire is Content & PR Manager for Daisy Corporate Services, the UK’s leading end-to-end business communications and IT services provider. She is passionate about creating engaging, informative and accessible digital content that adds value to both internal and external audiences.