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IP Telephony | VoIP PBX

csv-logoCloudSelect Voice hosted IP telephony allows your business to work more efficiently and employees to be more productive.

It is a second generation fully hosted and managed telephony service that provides the functionality of a high-end PBX.

For companies looking to move to IP Telephony (VoIP), particularly multi-sited organisations, Cloud Select Voice can offer a flexible solution, significant cost-saving, as well as increased operational efficiency, resilience and business continuity.

With its IP Platform hosted in a secure and resilient data centre, the only equipment you need on site is a managed router, managed Daisy connectivity, a choice of HD quality handsets and cat5 cabling if required.

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  • Per Seat Pricing
    The modular system is based on the number of users (seats) you need – and you can add more when you need them. Choose the number of concurrent calls you require and the seat functionality for each user and we’ll deliver the appropriate level of managed connectivity for your business.
  • Dedicated Web Portal
    A dedicated web portal controls system features either for individual users or for group administrators, and vital disaster recovery, or ad hoc call routing plans can be controlled from any internet enabled device helping your business increase responsiveness and IT efficiency.

Why Daisy?

With our extensive experience in hosting and voice services we are able to offer clients a unified communications solution. Daisy IP Telephony solutions are operated from our own Broadsoft IP platform and Data Centres.

As an IP telecoms carrier as opposed to an IP reseller we can deliver a unique combination of IP product features to your business VoIP.

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