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Billing Operative for Daisy Billing Team

What do you do?

My job is very varied. One of the main tasks is to contribute to completing monthly bill runs by brand. This involves producing analysis of trends between what we bill month on month and to ensure that major differences, both positive and negative, are not the result of errors on Daisy’s part. We make checks to ensure that billing is correct right through to when the invoice is printed.

I enjoy the challenge of working under pressure and getting work done to deadlines.

Why did you want to work for Daisy?

I heard about Daisy from friends that already worked here. After listening to the type of company they were and the events they organised for employee’s I was excited about applying. After researching the company in preparation for the interview I was impressed by the speed of its growth and thus I realised there would be great scope for career advancement.

What are the benefits?

Daisy is a great company to work for as it does a lot to make sure that employees feel valued. This is shown in simple things such as the thank you cards or receiving a card on your birthday or organising free employee events such as the bowling night where the entire alley was hired for the whole company and a fun time was had by all.

What do you find rewarding?

There is great job satisfaction in this role knowing you are performing a key task for the company in making sure invoices are generated in a timely and correct fashion.

Which of the Daisy values do you think is most important to your job role and why? (Fresh, Teamwork, Can Do Attitude, Trustworthy, Fun)

I think teamwork and trustworthy are the values that most closely relate to the billing role. There is great responsibility when working on service files to ensure customers invoices go out correct and that rates/credits are billing at the desired rates. Getting this correct is extremely important as it has a great impact on other departments such as how many customer queries and calls go through to credit control or customer services. Teamwork is important as you need to work together to ensure all the key checks are carried out before a bill run and also be prepared to come in at weekends and stay late at evenings to ensure invoices go out on time.